AR Book Finder
Use AR Book Finder to find AR books when you're not at school. You can check to see if a book is an AR book, what its level is, and how many points it's worth all by visiting this site.

Destiny Quest - See what we have in the library!
You can use Destiny Quest to see if the book you want to read is in Seneca's library. By creating a Destiny Quest account, you can read Seneca's eBooks!

Renaissance Home Connect - Check your AR progress!
Parents and students can use this website to check their AR progress, including which books they have read this year and how well they scored on the corresponding quizzes. Just use the student's AR login to access the site.

Ticket to Read!
Practice your reading skills at home and set up your very own club house! If you don't know your username and password, visit Ms. Reed in the library, and she'll help you figure them out.