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Seneca Elementary School



Think Together at Seneca Elementary
Teaching, Helping, Inspiring and Nurturing Kids
Think Together is currently wait-listing all new applications for the 2017-2018 school year. If you have filled out an enrollment form and have not received a call regarding the status of your application please call or text to verify your application has been received. Site Coordinator, Jasmine Muñoz, will contact you via call, text, or e-mail to indicate when your student(s) may began program. All wait-listed applicants will be notified through the Seneca Think Together all-call system the first Monday of the month. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jasmine Muñoz at (951) 760-3545 or

 What is Think Together?
Think Together strives to Teach, Help, Inspire and Nurture Kids by providing high quality academically-oriented out-of-school programs for students regardless of race, creed or socioeconomic status. In order to build a stronger foundation towards our mission

Think Together, a nonprofit 501(c)( 3) organization, is one of California’s leading and largest providers of after-school programs serving 100,000 students at more than 400 schools and community centers throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino and Sacramento Counties.
Over 20 years, Think Together has built a road map to support student success. Curriculum and activities are aligned with what students are learning during the academic school day. Each program is designed using data-driven solutions to help kids reach proficiency and achievement levels necessary to progress through school and prepare for college and career.
While our public/private partnership programs known simply as Think Together are generally offered free to students and their families in disadvantaged communities, we also offer Think Together Learning Academy for working parents who are in need of more traditional before and after school care for their children. Participation in the Seneca Think Together program is free of charge and enrollment offered on a first-come first-served basis.
Interested in volunteering?
Volunteers are essential to the success of THINK Together. As a volunteer with Think Together, you play a key part in bringing the highest quality academically-oriented after school programs to students from a variety of backgrounds.
Think Together provides an environment whereby your interest in and dedication to educating kids is applied to make a profound difference in the lives of our students. Many of these students come from backgrounds where they may not have the support systems needed to succeed. The support and encouragement of our volunteers gives our students the motivation and tools they need to overcome their obstacles and reach their full potential.