Free Airplane Rides
Kids 8-17 years old!
"Introduction to Flight" Program at Flabob
See attached flyer,
Call 951-683-2309 ext 104,
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Visit World Book Encyclopedia
username: moreno
password: valley

MVUSD has purchased a district-wide subscription to World Book online. This gives all students, staff and families access to World Book encyclopedia and other World Book resources anywhere there is internet.

The set of World Book resources tailored especially for elementary students and their families includes:
· Early World of Learning, a reading and learning environment designed for pre K-1st grade students.
· The Kids Version of the World Book encyclopedia designed for 1st-4th grades students with appropriate reading level, interactive maps, videos and activities.
· The World of Animals which includes research information and science projects and experiments.
· The Student Version of the encyclopedia for upper elementary and middle school students which includes newspaper and primary source articles and a dictionary.
· The Interactive Timeline resource provides historical timelines that can be edited and customized and a timeline builder to create timelines for any purpose!
· Last, there is an elementary level Spanish Language Encyclopedia which is a Spanish Translation of the Kids version of the encyclopedia appropriate for early Spanish readers. Articles are integrated with the English versions so students can toggle back and forth between languages.

***World Book provides correlations to the CCSS as well as suggestions for and examples of curriculum integration activities!